South Africa finally has its first pure electric vehicle: the Nissan LEAF.

Nissan LEAF Now Available in South Africa

Nissan LEAF Now Available in South Africa

Gosh, it seems like the LEAF is available everywhere.

Not only is the LEAF launching right now in South Africa, but it's actually available to order now in some 42 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa served by Nissan of South Africa's regional hub.

Can any other EV match the LEAF's available-almost-everywhere status?  No...none of the others even come close.

Mike Whitfield, managing director at Nissan South Africa, stated:

"After initially announcing that the Nissan LEAF would grace South African roads at the 2011 Johannesburg International Motor Show, we are now even more excited to be able to bring full EV mobility to the South African public with a holistic approach.  This award-winning car will set a new tone for personal mobility in the country and we are honoured that Nissan is the first name on the list of EV manufacturers in South Africa."

BMW, with its i3 first then the i8, is expected to join that list of EV manufacturers making vehicles available in South Africa, but for now Nissan is the automaker on the list.

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