Combo charger plug for NA

Combo charger plug for NA

NRG eVgo, along with Simon Property Group, announced the official opening of US' first electric vehicle charging station compatible with all plug-in vehicles on the road (excluding Tesla...sort of, but not really).

This latest Freedom Station features SAE Combo, CHAdeMO and, of course, AC J1772 (compatible with Tesla by using an adapter) connectors and is installed at Fashion Valley in San Diego.

What is interesting is that the DC fast chargers with CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors are separate devices.  The supplier of the SAE Combo unit is ABB. DC fast chargers typically are able to recharge up to an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes.

Terry O’Day, Vice President of Business Development for NRG eVgo in California stated:

“California accounts for one-third of all electric vehicle sales in the US. The NRG eVgo Freedom Station at Fashion Valley gives California drivers freedom to go anywhere they want in the coolest cars on the road and at lower prices than gasoline cars. With charging options at your home, apartments and work combined with on-the-go charging, our mission is to make it even easier to choose to drive an electric car.”

George Caraghiaur, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Simon Property Group added:

“Announcing our first NRG eVgo Freedom Station site at Fashion Valley Mall reinforces our commitment to sustainability while also providing shoppers with unparalleled service and convenience. This continues our leadership in developing a more sustainable shopping experience.”

What is interesting is that NRG eVgo is ready to upgrade its Freedom Stations if EVs numbers will grow:

"Freedom Station sites are also wired for the addition of a second DC charger which can be done virtually overnight."

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