Envision Solar is one of those companies doing something differently in the solar space.



This new charger seen here is still in the testing phase, but it will nevertheless be deployed at the San Diego airport for free charging over the next couple of weeks.

This latest project (which we've reported on here) combines one of Envision's "Solar Sockets" with 22kw batteries and a charging station for electric vehicles.  This mobile unit is called "Envision Solar’s EV ARC," where the acronym ARC stands for Autonomous Renewable Charger.

It looks nifty, even though it weighs in at a healthy 10,000 lbs., and doesn't seem all that mobile. We look forward to the feedback on the usage of this unique charger.

Full press blast below:

Envision Solar’s EV ARC™ standalone electric vehicle charging station to be available at San Diego International Airport

- Portable station at Cell Phone Parking Lot for trial period starting Tuesday -

SAN DIEGO – November 7, 2013 – Envision Solar International, Inc., a leading sustainable infrastructure product designer and developer, announces a two-week trial of its EV ARC™ electric vehicle charging station at San Diego International Airport (SDIA) beginning Tuesday.

The industry-first, fully autonomous, mobile and renewable system will be available for free in the Cell Phone Parking Lot for individuals looking to top off their plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle.

“Sustainability is very important to us and electric vehicle charging at the airport is becoming more common,” said David Boenitz, Director of Ground Transportation for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. “We’re pleased to offer Envision Solar the space to conduct the trial and are looking forward to seeing the data generated by the EV ARC’s test-deployment in our Cell Phone Lot. Doing so will help us learn more about how airport customers value access to such a platform.”

The Cell Phone Lot at SDIA is located west of the Commuter Terminal off of Harbor Drive. The EV ARC system will be available for individuals free of charge for approximately two weeks, starting on Tuesday, November 12, 2013. A one-hour limit is in place for those using the Cell Phone Lot, so those with electric vehicles will be able to use the EV ARC to “top off” their vehicles.

The EV ARC™ is a cost-effective, easy-to-install, standalone solar charging station that requires no foundation, no trenching, no building permit and no grid connection. Designed to fit inside one standard parking space, the EV ARC™ does not reduce available parking because vehicles park on its ballasted pad. EV ARC is ADA compliant and will offer electric vehicle charging day or night through the use of on board battery storage. The EV ARC™ is delivered to the customer site ready to operate and requires no installation work.

“Range anxiety will not be an issue when there is sufficient infrastructure to ensure that EV drivers are always near to a convenient charging station,” said Desmond Wheatley, President and CEO of Envision Solar. “The kind of top-off charging the EV ARC will provide at the San Diego International Airport Cell Phone Lot will be key to delivering on that premise. The fact that the EV ARC can be deployed in minutes and moved if necessary makes it the ideal product to grow out ubiquitous charging networks.”

Invented, engineered and fabricated in the United States, the EV ARC™ fits inside a standard parking space and generates approximately 16 kWhrs per day that are stored and ready for use in the 22 kWhr on board battery storage. The system’s clean solar electrical generation is enhanced by EnvisionTrak™ which enables the solar array to follow the sun, generating 18 to 25 percent more electricity than a conventional fixed array. The energy produced by the EV ARC is clean and renewable, unlike 75 percent of America’s grid supplied electricity which means that EV drivers who use it are 100 percent emissions free.

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