Eco Seed recently published a list of 10 reasons why one should consider buying a "hybrid electric vehicle."  Though hybrid electric implies that standard Toyota Prius would be included, the reasons listed below make it obvious that the author's intent was to focus only on plug-in hybrids.

Why present this here? Well, Eco Seed describes itself as follows:

"We are a leading source for global green news, finance, and other resources in delivering green and renewable energy to mainstream business."

There's that "mainstream" mention again and that's why we felt compelled to share this with you.

While we all know the benefits and reasons for buying plug-ins, the mainstream typically does not.  As the positive words spread to the mainstream, the plug-in vehicle uptake is sure to rise.

So, here's what the "mainstream" is being fed by Eco Seed's 10 reasons to consider a plug-in hybrid article:

1. Because You Spend a Lot of Time Idling

2. To Limit Resale Value Loss Due to Depreciation - When you already own a perfectly serviceable car, it's not always easy to make a replacement purchase. Still, you stand a better chance of recouping at least some of your investment and limiting loss of value to depreciation when you unload your gas guzzler while it's still relatively new and in good condition.

3. Because Your Electricity Bill Won't Suffer As Much As You Think

4. To Take Advantage of Federal Tax Credits and Rebates

5. Because They're More Affordable Than You Think

6. You Like to Drive Fast

7. You Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

8. Because the Support Infrastructure is Expanding Rapidly

9. Because You Want to Save Time – If you live in a metropolitan area with ordinances requiring emissions testing, you know that the annual trip can be a real time-sink, especially if there's a chance that your older vehicle won't pass the test. Today's hybrid electric vehicles are so efficient and clean that you may even be exempt from testing altogether, depending upon your local ordinances.

10. Because "Fuel" Prices Are More Stable

We excluded the explanations on all but #2 and #9, as we think the reasons for the others are rather obvious, but if you'd like to read the article in its entirety, the follow the link below.

Source: Eco Seed

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