1.5 Million by 2016 is Not Possible

1.5 Million by 2016 is Not Possible

Overly optimistic?  We'd say "yes" and now Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn agrees.

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, Ghosn admitted that the Alliance's target of 1.5 million electric vehicle sales by 2016 is well beyond reach.

Quoting Ghosn:

"We will not be there. At the speed right now, I’m seeing it more four or five years later."

"I don’t think the main issue today is the cost of the car. The main issue is infrastructure. It is normal. I would not buy a gasoline car if there were no gasoline stations."

"We have to admit, it is slower than we thought. But it is slower for the reason that we thought infrastructure building would be faster. It is not."

All told, sales of EVs for Renault-Nissan now sit at over 120,000 units.  That's well shy of 1.5 million and is precisely why Ghosn has to now concede that the 2016 target is not obtainable.

Ghosn did remark on competition in the EV segment, stating:

"Today there is nobody, but they are coming.  Some of our German competitors have announced that they are coming. They will be our main competitors. And that’s about it. Others have announced one car here, one car there."

The Germans are coming.  These are exciting times for fan of plug-ins.  That's for sure.

Source: Financial Times

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