Mahindra Reva's First Electric Vehicle...the e20...

Mahindra Reva's First Electric Vehicle...the e20...

Starting in October, India will trial a program that aims to put drivers behind the wheel of electric vehicles in hope that someday soon they'll buy one.

Of course, it's more complex than that, but the goal here is to get enough rental EVs out there so that the public in India can "try before they buy," as we like to say.

The EV rental scheme will kick off on October 1 and is headed up by Carzonrent, a vehicle rental firm.  The rental EVs will be the Mahinda e20, the only mass-produced EV available in India today.

Rental EVs will be offered in at least 3 of India's major cities, including Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

Initially, only 5 EVs will be able to rent across India, but if the program proves successful, more will be added.

India currently lists over 100 charging points within its border, so the support is there and it's growing.

Here's how the EV rental program works:

  • An EV can be rented for Rs 200 ($3.20 US) per hour or for the entire day for Rs 800 ($12.80 US)
  • The typical diesel vehicle rents for Rs 1,400 ($22 US) in India per day
  • Free recharging is provided during the rental period

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