There are 2 topics we hold near and dear at InsideEVs: sales and the plug-in takeover.

Turtle Enjoying Hawaii's Cleanness

Turtle Enjoying Hawaii's Cleanness

By takeover, we mean sales penetration, so I guess you could say that sales is what we enjoy focusing on.

Today, we present a graphic that shows the predicted plug-in vehicle sales as a percentage of light-duty vehicle sales in 2022.  What this graphic shows is the predicted Top 25 states (in terms of plug-in vehicle market penetration) in 2022.

Most of the top states are known for already strongly supporting plug-in vehicles, either by offering generous incentives or through other programs aimed at building out the infrastructure.

Some of the states are near the top due to their high percentage of clean energy.

Of note is that Hawaii is truly a standout in this chart.  In fact, the island state crushes California by almost doubling it in plug-in vehicle penetration by 2022.

Aside from some vertical bar, percent signs, numbers and words, what else do you see hidden in this graphic?

Source: Navigant Research

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