We're Glad That the Gas-Gulping Cadillac GM Displayed Isn't in This Image

We're Glad That the Gas-Gulping Cadillac GM Displayed Isn't in This Image

General Motors is putting on an electrify display in China.

Recently, GM hosted an electrification workshop in Shanghai to showcase its advanced technology vehicles.  This workshop is but one of three scheduled as GM attempts to drum up support for its advanced vehicles in CHina.

Two similar events will be hosted soon in Chinese cities of Beijing and Guangzhou.

At all 3 events, GM displays 4 vehicles: Buick LaCrosse eAssist,  Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, Chevrolet Volt and the locally produced Sail SPRINGO EV.

Obviously, the Buick and Caddy don't mean a darn thing to us, as neither plugs in.  The Chevrolet Volt is so well-known to us all that discussing it here would be pointless, but the Sail SPRINGO EV is a vehicle we seldom hear of, so we'll bust out the details on that one:



"The Sail SPRINGO EV is an all-electric vehicle that can go more than 130 km (81 miles) on a single charge, with less than 15 kWh consumed for every 100 km. It generates 510 N·m (376 lb-ft) of peak torque and has a top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph)."

The SPRINGO EV is produced in China for sales exclusively in China.  Think of it as a close cousin to the Chevy Spark EV and you'll be close to understanding what the Sail is.

The Chevy Volt holds the honor of being the first extended-range electric ever sold in China.

As for that Caddy, it likely holds the honor of gulping down the most fuel of any hybrid sold in China.

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