"With cumulative U.S. sales passing 35,000, Nissan LEAF is bringing owners throughout the United States together to share their enthusiasm and experiences during National Plug In Day on Sept. 28 and 29."

That's what Nissan's press release says, but the real story lies in the details.

Yes, Nissan is a National Plug In Day sponsor and most likely the biggest promoter/supporter of the event out of all the OEMs, but we here already know all that.

What we didn't know is what to expect of sales figures for the Nissan LEAF in September, now we know another beat of 2,000 units is likely.

Our tally of cumulative Nissan LEAF sales shows that, through the end August, US sales of the LEAF totaled 33,635 units.

Nissan says cumulative sales are now over 35,000 in the US.

It's simple math time.

  • 35,000 - 33,635  = well more than 1,365 units
Note: We applaud Nissan for its continued support of National Plug In Day and apologize for turning this announcement into something else entirely.  However, we were so geeked to get the scoop on LEAF sales that we just couldn't control ourselves.

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