2014 Zero S

2014 Zero S

Zero Motorcycles announced its 2014 model line, which this time consists of four base models - Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS, and Zero FX .

While Zero SR is basically a modified Zero S, we see that there is no Zero MX off-road motorcycle, nor is there a Zero XU low-cost commuter motorcycle. Besides these civilian-use electric motorcycles, Zero offers police versions of Zero S and Zero DS called Zero SP and Zero DSP, and the military off-road motorcycle MMX.

2014 Zero SR

2014 Zero SR

The new lineup isn't much different than 2013, like 2013 vs. 2012.

The biggest new feature is new optional accessory Z-Force Power Tank for Zero S, SR and DS, that stores an additional 2.5 kWh of energy (nominal value). ZERO S with ZF11.4 battery pack +Power Tank (total 12.5 kWh of energy) can go up to 171 miles in city driving and 88 miles at a constant 70 mph.

2014 Zero DS

2014 Zero DS

The second big thing is the new Zero SR model - that has a 660 amp controller instead of 420 amp as found in the Zero S, and higher temperature magnets in Z-Force 75-7 passively air-cooled, radial flux, brushless motor. This change gives Zero SR 56% higher torque and 24% more power which translates to 0-60mph in just 3.3 second and a higher top speed.

2014 Zero FX

2014 Zero FX

The whole lineup has improved suspensions and a new dash:

2014 Zero SP

2014 Zero SP

"The new features of the 2014 model line largely revolve around refining general motorcycle componentry and design. The suspension of every model has been upgraded with more robust 43mm front forks and a completely reworked rear shock. The front forks of each motorcycle are now connected with wider triple clamps that are seamlessly integrated into the bodywork and front headlights. Facing the rider, an entirely new dash with a high contrast and cool- blue backlit LCD screen lists out useful riding information and motorcycle statistics. The display also indicates to the rider whether they are in the “eco,” “sport,” or the new “custom” riding mode. Using new right hand switch gear, riders can toggle between the different performance profiles. They can also set the custom performance profile using the Zero Motorcycles app, which now supports English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch."

2014 Zero DSP

2014 Zero DSP

"Riders will see and feel some of the difference this makes immediately with newly designed bodywork elements, neatly integrated componentry, improved braking and better handling on account of increased torsional rigidity in the chassis."

Abe Askenazi, CTO of Zero Motorcycles said:

2014 Zero MMX

2014 Zero MMX

"The 2014 model line is engineered around our guiding principle of sophisticated simplicity. Driven by the powersports industry’s most advanced electric powertrain, each model delivers a thrilling experience that distills riding into its most enjoyable elements, while virtually eliminating all routine powertrain maintenance and peripheral distractions. Customers will be thrilled with the performance, quality and refinement that each model has to offer."

Richard Walker, CEO of Zero Motorcycles said:

"For 2014 we focused on evolving the features that customers appreciate most while also providing more value. The results include impressive options for increased range and improved performance at more competitive price points than ever before. Additionally we are excited to announce five year standard power pack warranties for every new model that cover up to 100,000 miles. As always, we invite consumers to discover the thrill of riding a Zero by contacting an authorized dealer to sign up for a test ride or to place an order. The new lineup arrives in January."

Yes. Zero S and Zero DS in 2014 will be around $1,000 cheaper against the 2013 lineup. The California company plans to deliver motorcycles from the 2014 lineup starting in January.


Zero S MSRP: (ZF8.5) $12,995** MSRP: (ZF11.4) $14,995**
Zero SR MSRP: (ZF8.5) N/A MSRP: (ZF11.4) $16,995**
Zero DS MSRP: (ZF8.5) $12,995** MSRP: (ZF11.4) $14,995**
Zero FX MSRP: (ZF2.8) $9,495** MSRP: (ZF5.7) $11,990**
Z-Force® Power Tank MSRP: $2,495**

**MSRP in USD. Prices vary by country and currency. Does not include local shipping, applicable taxes, PDI, or road registration fees.


Zero S



Zero SR



Zero DS



Zero FX

"Projector beam headlights illuminate the road for the Zero FX and are housed in aggressive black bodywork that beautifully ties into Zero’s new dash. The Zero FX also features a new seat that provides a passenger area and owners can purchase passenger pegs as an aftermarket accessory. Overall, every component is designed with purpose and to create the riding experience of a premium electric motorcycle that is designed to thrill."



Zero SP, Zero DSP and MMX

"Zero Motorcycles is releasing three new fleet motorcycles for the 2014 model year. These models are the Zero SP, Zero DSP and a military spec motorcycle. With the ability to ride both on and off road, Zero’s fleet program offers unique advantages over internal combustion driven machines. The 100% electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust free, produces minimal heat, has instant torque from zero rpm and is highly maneuverable. With a ‘fuel’ cost of a penny per mile and a maintenance-free powertrain, a Zero offers the ability for governments, agencies and organization to save money while also giving them a tactical advantage."


For a look at the full specs of these Model Year 2014 bikes, click here.

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