Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

ValueWalk compiled Tesla-specific information from Barclay's analyst Brian A. Johnson to lay out what's being called "growth eras" for Tesla Motors.

According to Barclay's there are three "eras" in Tesla's near future.

The graphic shows these "eras," but will add that Barclay's is using these "eras" for guidance in offering financial advice.

Of note is the mention of a $25,000 Tesla EV in "Era Three." This is not a vehicle we've heard even a peep of from Tesla, so we think Barclay's is just guessing on that one.

Okay, here's what ValueWalk says of these "eras;"

"Barclays came up with three possible growth eras for Tesla Motors Inc based on the company’s product plans. Era One is the current phase that began in 2012 and will continue through 2016. It will see the launch and subsequent growth of Model S cars and Model X SUVs."

"Era Two will kick off in 2017 and will last until 2022. The company will launch Gen III vehicles during this phase that will be more affordable. Though Tesla Motors Inc (management said that Gen III will be a mass-market vehicle, Barclays believes that it won’t be for the masses. According to Brian Johnson, the company will price Gen III in the range of $40,000-$45,000. So, its price will be similar to Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series."

"Era Three will begin in 2023, and that’s when the company would bring truly mass-market cars with market price of around $25,000."

Source: ValueWalk

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