Only three weeks ago, Drayson Racing set a new electric vehicle speed record for vehicles weighing less than 999 kg (2,200lbs) at 205.139 MPH.

Now Chris Harris from DRIVE gets to take the 850 hp monster out for a spin in the best video we have seen to date on this plug-in supercar.  The show notes say "The batteries only last 10-15 minutes, but when it's running this thing scrambles your brain. Welcome to the future." 

We would agree.

In addition to the top speed record, Drayson Racing claims to have just set 3 other records:

  • Average speed over one kilometer at 333.271 km/h (207 mph)
  • Fastest quarter mile for EVs at 9.742 seconds
  • British land speed record any propulsion type vehicle driven by their wheels over one mile from a flying start at 219.1 mph other news, we hate Chris Harris