ABB Terra 53 CJG

ABB Terra 53 CJG

ABB announced that its 50 kilowatt (kW) Terra 53 fast chargers, compatible with CCS, are the first in the industry pass independent European compliance testing and receive CE marking approval. The certification demonstrates compliance with the relevant European Union directives for safety.

"ABB is the first supplier of CCS DC fast charging solutions to pass CE testing by an independent notified conformity assessment body. ABB’s Terra 53 systems are fully compliant with the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility and low voltage directives, which were designed to ensure safety of electrical equipment and its users. The Terra 53 will also be available in dual and triple outlet configurations, serving all electric vehicles present on the European roads, supporting CCS, CHAdeMO and AC Type 2, Mode 3."

Hans Streng, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ABB’s EV Charging Infrastructure Product Group stated:

"To support the rollout of nationwide charging networks in Estonia, Denmark, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands and more to come, we’ve been relentlessly focused on adhering to industry-leading public standards of connectivity, quality and reliability. CE certification by an independent certification body is a clear recognition of our commitment to these principles and demonstrates the robustness and high level of safety of our new and already installed public and private charging stations"

ABB now offers Terra 53 versions with one, two or three different plugs and power up to 50 kW (43 kW for AC Type 2).

Some number of these chargers are already working as test and demo units, but real volume installations should begin next year.

"ABB recently participated in BMW and Volkswagen’s Interoperabilty workshops with the Terra 53 and demonstrated successful charging of the next generation of CCS compatible EV’s. Most recently, BMW used ABB’s Terra 53 at the IAA Live-Drive event in Frankfurt to charge the BMWi3."

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