That's a Lot of Free Miles

That's a Lot of Free Miles

In October 2012, the world's first Tesla Supercharger station went online.

Today, there are 25 Supercharger sites live in the US and 6 more in Norway.

Those 31 sites have no allowed for over 3.2 million miles of Supercharged driving.

As Tesla claims, these 3.2 million Supercharged miles have offset the use of 130,500 gallons of gas.

As we all know, Tesla Superchargers are free to use, whereas that gas would've cost somewhere around $500,000 (considering that most of the charge events occurred in California where gas is routinely over $ per gallon).

So, Model S owners can now thank Tesla for collectively saving them approximately half a million dollars.

With Superchargers coming online all the time now and with more Model S sedans hitting the roads, we expect this 3.2 million figure to grow exponentially.  By this time next year, we wouldn't be at all surprised if it's over 20 million Supercharged miles.

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