With his keen eye for the obvious, resident pessimist/optimist Jay Cole (aka Editor-in-Chief / Founder of InsideEVs) thinks there's a slight dig at the Texas dealer association buried somewhere in this video. Whereas I completely disagree.

Slight?  No way.

This is an all-out attempt at getting around Texas' ban on Tesla and on not allowing the electric automaker to advertise or even discuss most of the important aspects (price being the big one) of its Model S within the state.

Tesla in Texas

Tesla in Texas

Maybe we're exaggerating a bit.

Tesla can function somewhat in Texas.  The automaker's employees are allowed to tie their own shoes in Texas...we think.

We See Tesla in Texas...Do You?

We See Tesla in Texas...Do You?

Back to that "slight" dig comment.  If it were "slight," would Tesla have posted the following on its Facebook page:

"Buying Model S in Texas wasn’t easy for Austin realtor Matt Holm so he took action at the Capitol hoping to help others in the Lone Star State #GoElectric."

Or this on its YouTube account:

"Realtor Matt Holm is a Model S owner and advocate in Austin, Texas. When he's not using his car for work and play, he's fighting the good fight against dealer restrictions for Tesla in the Lone Star State."

Perhaps it's an off day for Jay...

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