Chris Has Some

Chris Has Some "Fun" Suggestions For Spark EV Owners - Finding Flat Surfaces And Then Driving Slow On Them...And Not Turning On The A/C

The good folks at Chevrolet passed us a note about a new mini-film series - Spark EV Driving Tips: Adjusting to the All-Electric Lifestyle.

GM's Chris Twarog, who is the all-electric Chevy's Energy Integration Engineer takes us through some pointers on how to "maximize the fun and efficiency of the Spark EV;"  although it might be a little bit of a stretch to include both of these mutually exclusive things into the same driving activity, Chris gives it his best effort.

Some worthwhile suggestions that are a little short on fun in the video include:

  • "Use the temp button to turn off the climate control from using high voltage battery energy"
  • "Drive at a slow and smooth pace"
  • "Pick a route with flat level terrain"

Known Fact: Ladies Love Electric Cars

Known Fact: Ladies Love Electric Cars

Aside from the "fun" suggestions, the video is worth a watch, as it does give a primer on how to get the most efficiency out of the 82 mile (EPA rated) pure electric Chevy.

There is also a handy tutorial on some etiquette tips of owning a electric car that we wish more owners understood - like don't unplug another electric car that is charging and don't hypermile in the left lane;  as well as how to be a good "EV advocate."

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