It's a goal that was first announced in early 2013 and it's a goal California is sticking with.

1.5 Million or Bust

1.5 Million or Bust

California Governor Jerry Brown once again reiterated the state's positive stance on plug-in vehicles.

In discussing the future of plug-ins, Governor Brown stood by California's target of putting 1.5 million on its roads by 2025.

That 1.5-million target is indeed a lofty figure.  For comparison, the entire nation of Germany aims to have 1 million plug-ins on its roads by 2020.  California alone aims to basically keep pace with an entire country.

In actuality, California's cumulative plug-in vehicle tally far exceeds Germany and it likely always will.

California won't have to play catch up...that's for sure.

While critics says Germany's 1 million figure is out of reach, most (including us) agree that California is on track to exceed its 1.5 million target.

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