Updated Rollout Map - End of 2015

Updated Rollout Map - End of 2015

Tesla Updates Supercharger Rollout

Tesla Updates Supercharger Rollout

98%...imagine that!!!

In Tesla's latest update to its Supercharger rollout map, the automaker announced that, by the end of 2015, 98% of the US population will be within range (Model S range) of the nearest Supercharger station.

That's a remarkable feat, one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

If Tesla makes good on that 98% figure, then the startup automaker will have basically electrified almost all of the US in just over 3 years' time.

If we compare that to the other automakers who are currently in the process of installing a free coast-to-coast quick charging infrastructure for their electric vehicle owners to use...umm...wait a second here...there aren't other automakers doing that, so this comparison becomes moot.

Tesla's rapid Supercharger rollout should be seen as what it is: a herculean feat that's unmatched by any other automaker today.

Tesla is essentially putting free "fueling" stations across the US on its own dime and nobody is forcing Tesla to do so.

Lastly, for those who still question Tesla's ability to get these Superchargers in place, we simply say this: Tesla is today accomplishing what many believed to be impossible last year when it first announced the expansion of the Supercharger network.

There were skeptics back then who remain skeptics today.  We can't change their minds, but perhaps Tesla's persistent push to get these Superchargers online will.


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