When word of the Model S seating seven first broke, we were shocked.

How could a stately sedan ferry 7 people about?

Well, it can, provided that the 2 rearmost passenger are over 37 inches tall and not of full-grown size (unless they're willing to duck while riding).

It took awhile for Tesla to make available the third-row optional ($1,500 now $2,500) jump seat, but now that it's here, we get to see how it functions.

It's a brilliant piece of engineering actually, as it can be deployed and stowed in 17 seconds or less.  When stowed, the Model S retain ample cargo space since the jump seats folds completely away into the trunk's floor.

When deployed, a couple of kids can ride happily along while smirking at the vehicles the Model S left in it s dust.

It's the deployment and stowage that's shown in this video and we're amazed by the simplicity of both operations.  Watch and you'll see what we mean.

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