High quality video showing the intricate details of a vehicle are difficult to come by.

Even more unlikely to find is an HD video of a vehicle that's on the stage at a major motor show.

Well, unlikely has turned into here it is in this flick starring the BMW i3.

A Frankfurt showgoer caught the i3 on video and was able to show us several angles of the exterior of the video, as well as to take us inside where the multi-function screen gets a workout.

Here's the description that goes along with this hig-def video:

"An in-depth look at the all new BMW i3 with its electric engine (170hp, 250Nm) and a carbon fiber frame. Already the first view indicates that this car is something totally revolutionary, a LED light system, tall and narrow proportions and a terrific interior (design lodge). This specific model wasn't exactly cheap but the built quality and material feel are comparable with a 5-series BMW."

Comparable to a 5 Series?  You do know that one of those cost well over $50,000, right?

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