2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

At the joint press conference for Daimler and Renault-Nissan Alliance, Dieter Zetsche and Carlos Ghosn, CEOs of both entities, were discussing a growing collaboration.

There wasn't too much discussion on EVs, because this is only one of many joint topics, but in the questions section, some LEAF owners asked about why there is an agreement on normal AC L2 charging standard and there is no such agreement on DC L3 fast charging standards.

Dieter Zetsche was reluctant to answer, so Carlos Ghosn spoke (see 43-minute mark on video).

Ghosn said some very important things, including that the "Present situation is absolutely not perfect" and that to not exclude anyone "we will defend the multi standard" (on the charging point side). This is because automakers are currently using different solutions like Combo, CHAdeMO or AC. Also, CHAdeMO Association is seeking to secure multi-standard.

But, what is more important is that Ghosn said that, after a while with multi-standard, "all agree that we need to converge to one".

So, now we have clearance on the situation. After few years of chaos, we will hopefully move to one unnamed single standard. Will this one be Combo? Probably yes, but the Combo alliance first needs to sell volumes of compatible vehicles to make such a move rational.

Full video.

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