According to Press TV, the Scottish government is looking to make a bold move that will highly favor electric vehicles over any ICE transport in city centers.

Scotland To Go EV-Only by 2050

Scotland To Go EV-Only by 2050

It's being reported that Scotland intends to completely ban ICE vehicle from its city center by 2050

That move will cut down on pollutants in congested areas (this must be done to comply with European Union guidelines), while simultaneously promoting the purchase of electric vehicles.

The idea is that Scottish government will lead the way by  replacing all of its ICE fleet vehicles with electrics and by equipping the majority of government building with charging stations to encourage the rest of the public to follow its lead.

As for private purchase of electric vehicles, Scotland plans to offer first-time buyers a £5,000 ($7,939 US) incentive on passenger EV and £8,000 ($12,702 US) on commercial electric vans.  In addition, Scotland offers grants to cover the entire expense of purchasing and installing residential charging stations..

Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown wholly supports the idea of banning ICE from city centers by 2050 and so do we.

Source: Press TV

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