Using only Tesla Superchargers to travel long distances is something that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will prove feasible in the near future, but why wait for Musk to show the world it can be done when we've already got video of someone doing it?

Okay, so Musk's journey is a coast-to-coast trip, whereas this one is from Los Angelese to San Francisco and back, but the general idea is much the same.

Here's the descriptor that goes along with the Model S road trip:

"We took our 2013 Tesla Model S P85 on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay area and back. This real-world experience tested the feasibility of long-range EV driving in California and the practicality of utilizing Tesla's supercharging stations in the Golden State."

So, it's Superchargers only and the goal is to prove that long-range driving in a Model S is a breeze thanks to these Superchargers that keep popping up everywhere.

Here are the stats from this LA to San Fran and back journey:

Total distance driven: 846 miles

Total trip time: 59 hours Total kWh used: 293 kWH (346 Wh/mi) Total supercharger stations visited: 4 Total time waiting to charge: 1/2 hour (only in Fremont) Total energy cost: $0 (all charging stations were free)

Total CO2 emission: 0

Could another electric vehicle complete this trek in the same amount of time?  Perhaps...but would charging the whole way be free?  We highly doubt it.

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