Nissan has just released a new television advertisement for the LEAF entitled "Errands"- you can check it out above.

Just as a note of interest:  Frequent readers of InsideEVs might notice that we air a lot of electric vehicle commercials.

And regardless the subject of the ad; be it the Chevy Volt (such as yesterday), the LEAF, the Ford C-Max Energi - or whatever the vehicle, we always get emails after we do so asking why we are shilling for that particular company.

For the record, no one asks us to promote their commercials.  We did not receive a call today from Carlos Ghosn at Nissan asking us to "please release my 'advertising dove' to the plug-in community."

Quite simply, electric vehicle commercials  hold our attention.

So after our work here is done, and as we watch some incredibly cerebral programing from our TiVo sets (people still use TiVo right?) from the History Channel or  A&E - like Pawn Stars or Deadliest Catch (don't judge), we find ourselves not skipping over those commercials that feature cars with plugs.

When that changes and we start skipping those commercials too - we will stop publishing them here, but until then we stop sending emails already!

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