Live from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, we bring you an additional reveal from German automaker bicycle maker BMW.

Cruise e-Bike

Cruise e-Bike

BMW is poised to enter the electric bicycle segment with this Cruise e-bike.

The 44-pounder features a 250-W Bosch electric motor mounted under the bottom bracket of the bike and has a lithium-ion battery on the downtube.

The Cruise e-bike features pedal assist and is capable of hitting a top speed (unassisted by the legs of the cyclist) of 15.5 mph and boasts a range of 53 miles (partially assisted by the cyclist.)

The Cruise e-bike is a limited production unit, with only 1,000 to be made.  The bike will only be sold in Germany and we suspect it'll priced at the high end of the spectrum.

But for German buyers of the i3 or i8, this Cruise e-bike would be the ideal bicycle to compliment your ride.

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