Nissan confirmed that its second mass production zero emission vehicle, the e-NV200 compact van for urban delivery applications, will hit the market early next year.

Coca-Cola e-NV200 Electric Van: It's the real thing

Coca-Cola e-NV200 Electric Van: It's the real thing

After few years of prototype trials, the e-NV200 is now in final development phase before production. It will be equipped with Nissan LEAF powertrain and made out of Barcelona, Spain this fall.

According to the Japanese company e-NV200 has received positive comments from large commercial fleets for its quiet, comfortable driving, along with no tailpipe emissions and low noise, CO2 reduction, and generous carrying capacity.

Hideto Murakami, corporate vice president, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. stated:

"The e-NV200 will offer all the spaciousness, versatility and practicality of a traditional diesel or gas-powered compact van, but with zero CO2 or other pollutant emissions at the point of use. What's more, it will provide an outstanding driving experience that is unique to EVs. e-NV200 represents a bold and innovative addition to our commercial vehicle range, which is already one of the broadest of any manufacturer,"

Nissan e-NT400

Nissan e-NT400

What is also interesting, is Nissan's decision to study production plans of the e-NT400, a light truck based on the European NT400Cabstar, known as NT400 Atlas in Japan. This vehicle is now in the development phase - without production confirmation, but who knows...

"Like e-NV200, e-NT400 would be able to enter city areas denied to conventional vehicles powered by diesel or petrol engines, while its near-silent running means it could operate around the clock as it creates no noise or emission nuisance.

Low running costs would make e-NT400 a breakthrough business proposition, while the high output, high capacity lithium-ion battery powering the 80kW electric motor gives smooth, vibration-free acceleration for a completely unprecedented driving experience.

With a cruising range of 87 miles (140 kilometers) in NEDC mode, and the availability of fully integrated Quick Charging potential - allowing the battery to be charged to 80 per cent capacity in just 60 minutes - the e-NT400 has the potential to make a serious contribution to lowering CO2 emission in cities. At the same time, it will increase productivity and lower running costs for operators."

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