"Gorilla Glass is the registered trademark for an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet toughened glass manufactured by U.S. glassmaker Corning Inc. Engineered for a combination of thinness, lightness, and damage-resistance, it is used primarily as the cover glass for portable electronic devices including mobile phones, portable media players, laptop computer displays, and some television screens. It is manufactured using ion exchange to produce compressive residual stress at the surface to prevent cracks from propagating."

So says Wikipedia.

Soon, Gorilla Glass will make its automotive debut with the launch of the BMW i8.

Aside from being lightweight, Gorilla Glass has the benefit of strength.

It's this resistance to damage that Adam Johnson is testing out on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money."

Is Gorilla Glass breakable?  Yes.  Is it easily broken?  Watch the video to find out.

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