Last month, registrations of the Renault ZOE fell again in France to 198, which is lowest since January and over 5 times lower than the sales peak in March.

In France, when ZOE goes up or down, the whole EV market seems to follow, because ZOE is the nation's most popular EV.

Last month, the EV market fell to 403 units. This mean that France wasn't the largest European market for EV passenger vehicles in August.  Norway was.

It seems France likely fell behind Germany, too (dependent on unknown smart fortwo electric drive registrations and some other models there).

In France Nissan LEAF Sales Are on the Rise Too

In France Nissan LEAF Sales Are on the Rise Too

The Nissan LEAF, after a few solid months of around 100 sales in France, set new record of 148 registrations in August. Together with ZOE, these two vehicles account for almost 86% of passenger EV sales.

Here's a look at how the rest of the EV pack fared in France for August:

  • Bolloré Bluecar:  20
  • Citroen C-Zero, Peugeot iOn and Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 31
  • Ford Focus Electric: 4
  • Smart ED : 1
  • Renault Fluence: 1
YTD numbers are almost 50% better than last year with 5,674 registrations, of which 4,140 are Renault ZOE.

In France, there is also a relatively large EV light commercial vehicle (LCV) market. YTD registrations are at 3,283, about 57% higher than last year.

If we take into account LCVs, then maybe France still is the leader in August for Europe?

The questions that remain are will the Renault ZOE awake from its summer slowdown and go over 1,000 units a month again and will Norway and/or Germany overtake France later this year?

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