Volkswagen e-Golf will debut together with e-Up! in Frankfurt

Volkswagen e-Golf will debut together with e-Up! in Frankfurt

35,000 Euros.

That's the expected price of the soon-to-launch Volkswagen e-Golf.

While we don't yet know what its US price will be, we'll at least point out that 35,000 Euros converts to $46,246.

Expensive...yes, but we can't even begin to speculate what price VW has in mind when it brings the e-Golf here.  For sure much less than $46K - but probably not all that competitive with other plug-in options.

That 35,000 Euros is the expected price in Germany, which means the e-Golf will cost more than the BMW i3 (34,950 Euro in Germany).

A VW priced head-to-head with a BMW?  We're thinking Volkswagen might have some difficulty in selling this electric Golf.

Let's hope that the e-Golf arrives in the US in 2014 with a more reasonable price tag.  Maybe in the mid-$30,000 area?

Pricing aside, here's what the e-Golf has to offer:

  • e-Golf will go 0 to 62 mph in 10.4 seconds.
  • Top speed is 87 mph
  • The production e-Golf is equipped with a 24.2 kWh li-ion battery
  • Range in NEDC is 190 km or around 75 miles EPA
  • Quick-charge option available via DC CCS

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