Early in August when General Motors decided that now was the time to drop the price on the best selling car in the electric segment - the Chevrolet Volt - by $5,000 (to $34,995), we knew it was going to be a strong month for the car.  And by month's end, GM's North American President Mark Reuss let the cat out of the bag to the LA Times:

"Well, we are having a great month. We will do about 3,300 Volt sales this month"

New Pricing On The Volt Meant A New All-Time Record For EV Sales

New Pricing On The Volt Meant A New All-Time Record For EV Sales

Then as Nissan said they were seeing LEAF sales ramp up in several markets across the country and they also expected an all-time high for August, we figured a monthly record for plug-in sales in America would be set.

However, what no one saw coming was Toyota doubling their best result of the year on the Prius plug-in, and having 8 out of the 14 major models available to the US consumer hit yearly highs in total.

The end result?

Chevrolet sold an all-time record 3,351 cars, Nissan set a personal best mark of 2,420 LEAFs, and the Toyota Prius sold 1,791 plug-ins.  Just taking those three vehicle's sales combined (7,592 cars sold) beat July's result by 850 units.

By the time all the numbers shook out, the total plug-in sales number reached the 5 digit mark for the first time in history as more than 10,000 plug-ins were sold in the United States, obliterating the former mark of 8,559 set in December of 2012 - proving the business of electric vehicles is still the strongest automotive growth segment in America.

Actually, to be perfectly accurate - more than 11,000 vehicles were sold, as we put August 2013 total plug-in sales at 11,073 units.

August's EV sales are a whopping 29% improvement over the best month ever, and 64% better than July. 

Where do we go from here?  Hopefully only higher and higher.

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