Focus Electric Rolls Off the Line in Germany

Focus Electric Rolls Off the Line in Germany

If you reside in the UK and were waiting on the arrival of the Ford Focus Electric, then its price tag might shock you.

Ford announced it'll price the Focus Electric from £33,500 ($52,330 US) in the UK, which is thousands more than any of its nearest competitors.

The UK does offer generous incentives for electric vehicles, including that £5,000 Plug-In Car Grant ($7,800 US), but still the Focus Electric comes in as an expensive purchase.

Perhaps that's why Ford expects to only sell 25 to 30 Focus Electrics in the UK in over the next year?

For comparison, a top-of-the-line Nissan LEAF Tekna starts at £25,490 ($39,777 US) in the UK and includes the outright purchase of the battery pack (battery rental options are offered on the LEAF in the UK).

Ford says it'll target mostly only fleet operators with the Focus Electric:

"We are responding to interest from fleet customers and in support of Ford’s market-leading business sales."

So, not a competitor to the LEAF then if sales are mostly limited to fleets.

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