BMW recently announced the base price for its i3 at 237,100 Norwegian krone (a bit over $39,100), which before incentives seems to be extremely reasonable.

To date, the top selling electric in Norway is the Nissan LEAF, which in base version Visia costs 228,600 NOK (around$37,700), according to Nissan's website.

This means that the BMW i3 should sell quite well, given its relatively low price tag.

We'll find out for sure closer to the end of the year, when mid-November deliveries begin.

It does seem possible that with the BMW i3's arrival, Nissan will decide to cut LEAF prices and this could again lead to record sales.

There's a third strong model on the Norwegian market: the Tesla Model S, which already has its own fast charger infrastructure in place in Norway.

Here's a price list of 24 plug-ins in Norway from the GRĂ˜NN BIL website:

Electric and plug-in hybrid cars price list

Electric and plug-in hybrid cars price list

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