BRUSA Elektronik AG will not allow itself to be forgotten after the long summer break.

The Swiss company recently introduced its new buck- & boost fullbridge converter system called FCS546.  This unit can be used in various applications.

"The FCS546 is a buck- & boost - converter in one box. Due to that, the component can smoothly handle an overlapping voltage range. Furthermore the device allows an unrestricted bidirectional operation. Hence the FCS546 offers unreached versatility for all stationary and mobile high voltage applications."

This means that FCS546 can be used either in a quick DC charger or in an electric vehicle as an inverter and because of its bidirectional capability, it can transfer energy the other way if needed - for example in V2G, V2H etc.

We are curious who and for what purpose the unit will by used in the EV world.

Continuous power output seems to be up to 175 kW @600 V and typical efficiency over 97%.


FCS546 Fullbridge Converter System Application Examples
Additional specifications for these device can be found here (FCS546).

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