2 in Idaho...2 in Wyoming...0 in Montana

2 in Idaho...2 in Wyoming...0 in Montana

This map is by no means exhaustive, but we still believe it provides an accurate look at where the Tesla Model S sedans are predominantly located throughout the US.

Robert (who resides in Boston) of TeslaMotorsClub.com is responsible for creating and maintaining this ZeeMap, which uses crowd-sourced information to log as many Model S orders/sales as possible in the US.

By following the link below, you'll be able to zoom into any area of the US to see some extremely detailed locations on the Model Ss in the States.

We can't say that we're surprised by the locations of the dots on the map (heavy in California, Florida and on the East Coast), but there are a few owner locations that jump out (we think Michigan's Upper Peninsula was an unexpected Model S spot...and 0 in Montana?).

Now it's time to follow that link and see what you find.

Source: ZeeMaps

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