50 for Free?

50 for Free?

Remember those 50 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs that went to the California cities of Mill Valley, San Jose, Los Gatos and Campbell?

"Highly Favorable" Lease Deals Work in Favor for i-MiEV

We speculated at the time that those 4 cities choose the i-MiEV due to some steep discounts offered to them.  Well, it turns out we were right.  Or at least mostly right.

Those 50 i-MiEV were leased under "highly favorable" terms.  In this case, "highly favorable" means free for a few years.

All four cities will get to use the i-MiEVs without paying a dime until the third year of their lease contracts.  Quite the deal, right?

Additionally, it's believed that the 50 i-MiEVs will save the cities something like $110,000 in fuel costs over the next three years.

So, no risk upfront.  3 years of no payments and over one hundred thousand in saving to put in the bank.  How could any city pass on a deal like that?

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