Volvo Brings Sexy Back With the Concept Coupe Plug-In Hybrid

Volvo Brings Sexy Back With the Concept Coupe Plug-In Hybrid

Hey Volvo, we'll take two please.

The Volvo Concept Coupe is quite possibly the sexist Volvo since the P1800 (yes, we'll take one of those too) and it's (lucky for us) a plug-in hybrid.

Seldom do we get to post on vehicles as svelte and stylish as this Volvo Concept Coupe.  Typically, plug-ins spend so much time in the aerodynamics lab that the resulting vehicle is not eye candy.  Volvo's approach was entirely different.  Surely, aerodynamics played some minute role in designing the Concept Coupe, but boy look at them lines.  If there exists a more stylish coupe out there, we've yet to lay eyes upon it.

End drooling...

The Volvo Concept Coupe has the goods to back up its looks.  Volvo says that the two-seater uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged engine, combined with an electric motor, to crank out 400 horsepower and 443 pound feet of torque.  The engine spins the front wheels, while the electric motor powers the rears.

Sadly, the Concept Coupe is just that...a concept.

Volvo says that some of its design cues will show up on future offerings, but there are no production plans (drool no more) for this stylish plug-in Swedish machine.

Gallery: Double Click to Enlarge  (Scroll further down the page for 4 videos of the Concept Coupe)


Volvo Concept Coupe Teaser Videos

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