Coda is Alive...But Not it's Automaking Division

Coda is Alive...But Not it's Automaking Division

CODA Automotive didn't survive, but CODA Energy - formed about two years ago to diversify its business - seems to have stayed around.

To date, CODA Energy deployed a combined 140 MW and 50 MWh of energy storage in stationary and mobile applications.

In its most recent press release, CODA is saying that together with Energy Vault and Growing Energy Labs (GELI), it will deploy the first Eco-Station, a solar integrated electric vehicle (EV) fast charging station optimized by energy storage, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The solar array will have power output of up to 175 kW and a CODA Core UDP energy storage 40 kWh battery pack.

Sadly, there's no word on DC fast charging power, manufacturer or plug type, but it should be able to recharge in 30-60 minutes.

Ed Solar, COO, CODA Energy stated

"As is the case in California, electric vehicle adoption tends to correlate with renewable energy deployment. Energy storage complements these technologies by reducing operational costs, improving functionality, enabling new revenue streams and mitigating grid stress."

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