Chevrolet Volt marketing product manager, Darin Gesse, is no Elon Musk.

Elon Musk seems capable of selling a Tesla Model S to just about anybody that will listen to him.  Rightly or wrongly, Musk is in that rare league of individuals who is listened to whenever he speaks and followed by legions of people.

There's just something Musk has that Darin Gesse (who's responding here to some Volt criticism from Musk) doesn't. We can't quite put our finger on it though.

Maybe it's Gesse's lack of knowledge of the product he's responsible for marketing?  Maybe...

You'd think Gesse should be able to answer some of those simple Volt questions in a way that oozes at least a drop of enthusiasm.  But nope, Gesse comes off as stiff and bored.

Note to Gesse: This is not how you pitch/sell/market the technological marvel that is the Chevy Volt.

And yes, we're frustrated by Gesse's inability to make the Volt shine here.

Source: Hybrid Cars

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