Tesla CEO Elon Musk is keen on doing this sort of interview.

This Roof Broke the Machine

This Roof Broke the Machine

Here, it's with CBS News' Ben Tracy.

While most of the conversation focuses on the safety of the Tesla Model S (and why not...it is the safest vehicle ever tested by the NHTSA), Musk does discuss some other topics.

You'll hear Musk talk about how Tesla is becoming a disruptor in the automotive industry (perhaps that's why General Motors set up a Tesla task force) and there's even some mention of that upcoming, affordable Gen III Tesla (the vehicle we're all so eagerly waiting for).

Musk is so in the spotlight these days that he does have to be cautious as to what he says and does.  This time, no handler had to step in, but the topic of discussion this time didn't include those pesky dealer associations who are trying to block Tesla sales.



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