Efacec claims to have just become the first "company to receive ETL certification for the latest SAE Combo fast charging standard, which will power American and European vehicles."

Efacec Header

Efacec Header

Jorge Guerra, Efacec's Chief Operating Officer for North America, expand upon that statement a bit by saying:

"Efacec is now the first DC Fast Charger manufacturer to obtain ETL certification for the SAE Combo DC Fast Charge standard. Our new combo fast charger can now serve both systems."

Essentially, this means that Efacec units will be able to charge all of the plug-in vehicles in the US capable of DC fast charging.  This is important, as it ensures that, no matter what plug-in your driving (provided it's fast-charge capable), you'll be able to fast charge it at an Efacec station.  As  Mike Anderson, Efacec's EV Chargers Sales Manager, states:

"People don't want to worry about being away from home and running out of juice. To be first with dual connector capability is a victory worth celebrating."

Some basic specs of Efacec fast chargers are found below:

  • Supports up to 62.5 KW (500 VDC @ 125 A)
  • CHAdeMO certification standard
  • ETL (similar to UL) certification standard
  • Stand-alone or network integrated chargers

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