Mission Motorcycles have been busy this summer presenting the Mission RS electric motorcycle to press and potential customers.

Mission R

Mission R

Below you'll find video of one such demonstration ride ended by the police.

Mission RS will be a highly limited edition bike with only 40 copies to be built and sold next year. Then, a cheaper version, Mission R, will go on sell.

Mission Motorcycles is saying that it's witnessed overwhelming demand for Mission R:

"Good news—since our launch—we've witnessed an overwhelming demand for the Mission R. Due to the unexpectedly broad appeal of the bike, we're lowering the deposit to $1,000."

Both version RS and R will have a 120-kW induction motor and will be capable accelerate 0-60 in less then 3 seconds. RS has a 17-kWh battery pack and R a 12, 15 and 17 kWh option.

Now for that video of the demo ride that was ended by some flashing lights.  The police enter the scene near the end of the almost 9-minute video.


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