World Electric Parade Happens August 31st, 2013

World Electric Parade Happens August 31st, 2013

In Oslo, Norway, an electric vehicle world record could well be shattered on August 31.

The Electric Vehicle Union (EVU) and the Norwegian EV Association are attempting to gather enough electric vehicles to set a record.

The record currently stands at 225 set in London last year, which seems low to us, but perhaps few attempts have been made to up it.

The mission statement of the event according to the Word EV Parade group is:

"Our aim is to establish a new World Record of parading electric vehicles (EVs) by  beating the existing World Record of London with 225 EVs. We hope the new record   will inspire both the national and global community and alert policy makers on how   mass adoption of emission free transport is already possible and desirable regarding   to sustainable mobility based on renewables, urban health issues, noise reduction, integrated solutions and generally raising urban quality of life."

Event organizers are also planning on making the World Electric Vehicle Parade an annual happening. As well, the Mayor of Oslo is challenging the Major of Beijing to beat Oslo’s record next year. After then, it will continue as a relay in many countries on different continents.

Last Year The Mark Of 225 EVs (Nissan LEAFs) Was Set In The UK

Last Year The Mark Of 225 EVs (Nissan LEAFs) Was Set In The UK

And as we all know, Norway loves the LEAF.  Therefore, it's believed that the Nissan LEAF will be highly represented (though all EVs are welcome to join in).  Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles at Nissan Europe. stated:

"Nissan is delighted to be at the heart of this fun event, a great way to celebrate a zero emissions future.  Nissan LEAF owners are not just helping to improve Norway's air quality, but also have a superb car that's fun to drive as well as being inexpensive to run -­ they are winners all round!"

Two criteria must be met for the record to fall: over 225 electric vehicles must be present and they must all be in motion at the same time over a 5 km route.

Sounds simple, right?  We're thinking a new world record will be set on August 31.  For more information, or to join in, check out the World EV Parade webpage here.

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