Now that Model S electric sedans have started to make their way into Europe, so has the Tesla CEO started to interact more with the European media.

Today, we bring you a rather lengthly interview with the Dutch media (don't worry it is in English) that includes machinery interruptions, the CEO's handlers fixing his collar on camera, and some attempts to reign in the interview after it goes unexpectedly long.

During the discussion itself, Mr. Musk touches on all the bases for the brand that we have become familiar with, but also as it relates to Europe (which we don't hear about near as often), as well as going off-topic on more than a few occasions.

The CEO says that production at their Fremont, CA factory now stands at 500-550 per week, and hopes to get to 600 per week by year's end.

However, Musk does underline the fact that further production increases from today's volume level is very much dependant on "supply constraints," while noting at one point the assembly line had to slow to allow for more trunk carpeting.

Some Tesla-related topics covered were:

  • EU headquarters moving from London to Netherlands
  • "Europe as big a market as North America"
  • Model S can still be ordered today and received by end of 2013 ("maybe November) in Europe
  • Elon plans to lessen work week from 90 hours to 80 hours soon
  • Half of production now allocated to Europe
  • Highest per capita adoption rate in the world will be Norway - Tesla supercharging infrastructure will be first/most advanced there
Not related to electric vehicles (but still interesting nonetheless) was the topic of SpaceX, and space travel.  On why the desire to travel and colonize Mars, Musk stated:

"Mars is the only place that we can create a self-sustaining human civilization in my opinion.  The moon is close, but it is like the Artic.  And even though the Artic is close to Europe, why were the American colonies not formed in the Arctic?  Cause it sucks.  It's not nice. (laughs)"

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