Tesla Motors goes international to assemble the Model S.

Tesla Model S Sedans in Euro Spec

Tesla Model S Sedans in Euro Spec

Tesla announced that its Tilburg Assembly Plant is now operational in the Netherlands.  This is the site of final assembly and distribution for all Model S vehicles sold in Europe and will act as the headquarters for European service and parts.

"With a size of 18,900 square meters, this new state-of-the-art facility is well prepared to receive the brand new Model S which is shipped over from the US. Having crossed the ocean and reached Europe, Model S arrives at the Tilburg plant for final assembly before being delivered across the continent."

States Tesla Motors.

Tesla says that the location of this site was carefully chosen so that the automaker can offer "efficient, timely and cost effective operations throughout Europe."

How timely?  Tesla says that it can get parts shipped to anywhere in Europe in 12 hours or less.

Bryan Batista, Tesla Sales Director of Europe, adds:

"It's very exciting to see our cars arriving in Europe and being welcomed by their proud owners here in Tilburg. This location is pivotal to Tesla's European operations, which are expanding rapidly over the coming months with openings of around 15 new stores and service centers."

And for your viewing pleasure, we bring you this unique behind-the-scenes video (some not in English) of Tesla's Tilburg facility:

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