It's our position that airports  are perfect places for cheap, Level 1 charging stations.

There's no need for Level 2 or DC quick chargers at airports.  Sure, they'd be welcome additions to Level 1 charging, but they aren't necessary.

Denver International Airport must have read our minds.  The airport is now in the process of installing 10 Level 1 chargers.

Heath Montgomery, an airport spokesman, stated:

“We’d seen a number of customers coming with their own cables and looking for a socket in the garage, so we saw there was a need.”

Why only Level 1?  Well, as Montgomery says:

“If you are traveling for several days and you come back, you want a fully charged battery.”

The airport did its homework, too.  It found that its average traveler stays parked there for 1.4 days.  That's Level 1 territory for sure.

The 10 units to be installed at Denver International Airport are from Telefonix.  Though they retail for $1,495 a pop, Telofonix provided them free of charge.

The stations will be operational by September and charging is free.  However, the rate to park there is $3 per hour or $23 per day.

Source: The Denver Post

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