Those who say the Tesla Model S is too big and bulky to autocross obviously haven't tried to do so themselves.

Blow That Whistle...I Triple Dog Dare You

Blow That Whistle...I Triple Dog Dare You

Surely the Model S isn't the ideal autocrosser, but it's definitely competitive in a field packed full of worthy vehicles.

Part of the Model S' autocrossing abilities no doubt comes from its instantaneous low-speed torque.  As most autocross events are conducted at speeds far below highway-legal, torque rather than horsepower is important.

The Model S' torque allows autocrosser to accelerate quickly from cone to cone.  The rest is up to the driver.

Placing the large Model S accurate could be difficult and controlling its mounds of power take a skilled foot, but practice makes perfect and, as this autocross run shows, there's always room for improvement.

Posting a time of 58.22 seconds, this particular Model S was around 5 seconds off the quickest time of the day, but as even the driver admits, a few seconds were lost in trying to reel in the Model S power.  With some more practice, a 55-second run should be no problem.

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