Meet EV Arc.

Envision Solar Logo

Envision Solar Logo

EV Arc is a "unique and patent pending" solar charging station for plug-in vehicles design by Envision Solar.

What's so unique about EV Arc?  Well, Envision Solar says that it's the "worlds first fully autonomous, fully mobile, fully renewable electric vehicle charging station."

The breakthrough here would be that its "mobile," but is it?

EV Arc weighs something like 10,000 pounds, due mostly to its 22-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and its associated solar gear.  Its dimensions are 9' by 18'.  We see no wheel attached for trailering it.  No hitch to pull it.  And no way to easily get this solar unit from point A to point B.  So, it's not mobile as we see it.

Moving on.

EV Arc is estimated to cost around $40,000 and here are some specs:

"The 2.3kW Solar Array generates approximately 16kWhrs per day, which are stored, ready for use in the 22kWhr battery storage. Clean solar electrical generation is enhanced by Envisions proprietary and patent pending tracking solution – EnvisionTrak that causes the solar array to follow the sun as it moves across the sky.  An EV ARC will fully charge one typical EV per day or offer 1/4 charges to multiple EVs in city environments where users will park in them while having lunch, running errands or taking a meeting."

The big advantage of EV Arc is that "the electricity provided to the EVs is 100% renewable, clean and solar powered making the EVs that charge from EV ARC 100% emissions free unlike when they charge from the grid."   We won't argue against that.

But it's this "mobile" claim that keeps coming back up.  Envision Solar says this:

"Mounted on an attractive, ballasted pad, the EV ARC does not require any foundations, trenching, electrical upgrades or even a building permit. It is 100% self-contained and is delivered to the site ready to use on it’s own undercarriage."

"Deployment time is about 5 minutes instead of several weeks for a traditional, grid tied EV charger. If the host site later prefers a different site for the charger they can simply move it."

How?  How do we "simply move it?"  Drag it around with a toe strap?  Nudge it along with the bumper of a truck?  Maybe we're missing something here.  Do you see a way this 10,000-pound unit is "simply" moved?

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