Set to officially debut in full production form at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the BMW i8 is a stunning machine.

It's a plug-in hybrid with a decent amount of electric-only range (22 miles at speeds of up to 75 mph).

It outperforms the BMW M3 is most aspects (0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds or less).

It's rather light given its size and being a plug-in (3,285 pounds).

It's aerodynamic at 0.26 Cd.

But none of those specs matter if the i8 isn't a blast to drive.

And drive it they did.  The folks at Evo were  invited to drive a pre-production i8 at a secret test track in France this month and this video gives you a taste of what this revolutionary  performance vehicle of the future is like out on the road.  Surely it's no i3.  What a difference adding 5 makes (i3 + 5 = i8).



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