Much like...well, every electric vehicle maker in the past, BMW has promoted the i3's expected range capabilities ahead of launch, for both the all-electric and REx (range extended) version.

As I myself am working from

As I myself am working from "the road" on vacation, I decided to test out my location...looks like the i3 has me covered. Amphibious option for the win!

And to illustrate the i3's abilities they have also made a web-based app to show what your expected range at home would be in Comfort (normal mode), ECO PRO+ (super-snail EV mode) and Ranger Extender mode.

Here are the bullet-points from BMW as a refresher in "typical commuter operation::

  • All-electric (comfort mode): 130-160 km range (81-99 miles)
  • All-electric _ REx:  240-340 km range (149-211 miles)
The company notes that "switching to the ECO PRO or ECO PRO+ driving mode (can) increase the electric range by about 30 % to nearly 200 km.* (124 miles)"  ---  (*depending on individual driving behaviour, determined in internal BMW consumption studies.)

Check out your range here.

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