One Of 270+ Fiat 500e Sedans That Will Be Getting A Check-Up

One Of 270+ Fiat 500e Sedans That Will Be Getting A Check-Up

Fiat 500e Axle (Half Shaft) Issue Shown

Fiat 500e Axle (Half Shaft) Issue Shown

Chrysler issued a statement today about a rather serious flaw that is occurring in some of the first 270 Fiat 500e electric vehicles that have hit the road.

Under pressure, the improperly assembled half shaft can give way and separate, a condition we first brought to light via Fiat 500e owners on Tuesday.

On the positive side (if you are looking for one), over 270 Fiat 500e EVs have been sold since the first car was delivered the 15th of last month.


Chrysler Statement: Half Shaft Bolts

A Fiat 500e Warns

A Fiat 500e Warns "Service Propulsion System" After Half Shaft Separation

August 14, 2013 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler Group has begun contacting approximately 270 owners of model-year 2013 Fiat 500e battery-electric vehicles. A recall is being conducted to replace bolts that secure the vehicles’ half shafts.

The issue is unrelated to the 500e’s electric powertrain. Half shafts transfer torque from a vehicle’s gearbox to its wheels.

An investigation was launched after Chrysler Group learned a customer’s vehicle exhibited power loss. Engineers discovered two assembly steps had not been properly completed; creating a condition that could lead to half shaft separation. Chrysler Group is unaware of any related accidents or injuries.

Approximately 270 retail customers are affected. They are being contacted and will receive free rental vehicles while their vehicles are being repaired.

Repairs will be performed at no charge to customers.

Vehicles on dealer lots also are affected. Chrysler Group will advise the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration when the precise recall population is determined.

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